A little extract from our Burger Recipe

We have just enter a competition for Britons Best Burger - Fingers Crossed.

We start with grass fed beef, slow grown on grass and sourced locally from an old school farmer called Seedy in Brimham Rocks. Our in house butcher Dave then hangs the chuck for a minimum of 28 days, once we’ve removed our Flat Iron steaks of course. We rough cut 100% chuck steak and mix it with our house seasonings to make the 10 oz burgers. One ingrediant in our house seasoning we don’t mind telling you about is the mustard seeds, these add a great deep flavour to the beef and lovely popping texture. We then cook over fire to flame lick the burgers to a perfect medium rare. We add some home cured back bacon and some locally sourced Swaledale Smoked cheese, made by Sam, our local cheese maker. We serve in a freshly baked brioche bun which is topped with black onion seeds. These add a lovely aroma and subtle onion flavour, without the harsh bite. Throw in some mixed herb leafs and a generous slither of beef tomato. Top with our house chunky ketchup. A tomatoey piccalilli that adds some great acidity and extra texture. Our Ultimate Burger is then topped with a giant gherkin (removable of course). This is the flagship burger on the menu of seven. Our customers love it and on a Wednesday Burger Night it comes with a free pint of locally brewed ale!